Sunday 12th February 20

08:30- 09:00am “Pray with Dr. Kay”


“Call to Worship”

-Song: You are, You are, You are, You are God
-Heaven and earth adore you
-Angels bow before you…..

Praise and Worship

Song: You do mighty things, you do glorious things. You’re the faithful God, awesome is your name.
Song: I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised…The Lord reigneth, blessed be the Rock.
Song: What the Lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all….So I can shout Halleluya
Song: Imela, Imela Jehovah Imela…
Song: E ba mi yin Baba logo….


Song: We declare your majesty Now we exclaim our God is mighty…we lift up your name. In adoration, we bow before your Throne.


EXHORTATION: Pastor Tunde Akinyemi


Prayer of Agreement with Pastors

Songs : Great are you Lord..
You deserve the glory…..For you are great, you do miracles so great. There is no one else like You

Glorious God, beautiful King
Excellent God, we bow before your throne
“You have not, for you asked not”. Whenever you are invited for prayer, take advantage of it.

Song Ministrations by HOP

I Turn To Jesus
Solid Rock, I turn to you, O Jesus
I give you praise, I worship you


MESSAGE: Pastor Oyinda Akinyemi

Quick announcement: Water Baptism class holds second floor

This month we are looking at excellence with focus on ZENITH LIVING

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.
Excelling or being good at something

Excellence is God- ordained. It originates from God ( Gen. 1 vs 1).Everything that God created is very good.
Example of excellence: King Solomon. 2 Chronicles 9 vs 1. Queen of Sheba was astonished by King Solomon’s excellence
Excellence begat riches. Solomon excelled in his time because he always put God first.


Another example of excellence : JOB

Job 1 vs 1
He fears God and God boasted about him before Satan.

Another example of excellence: ENOCH

Genesis 5 vs 24
He stood out in his generation.he excelled in his worship to God.

Another example of excellence: DANIEL
Daniel 5 vs 12.
He has a heart for God.

Daniel 6 vs 3 ” excellent spirit was found in him”

We have that same spirit of excellence. We have Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Jesus said a greater than Solomon is here.
What Solomon did will be a child’s play compared to what the sons and daughters can do?


Question : If I have such an excellent spirit, why is my life like this? How market?

Excellence is. Pursuit. It won’t come on a platter of gold. Give the spirit of excellence expression.

Is this the greatest I can achieve? Can anything good come out of me? Bible says we have these treasures in earthen vessels….

All that matters is what God has said about you.

Packaging is meant to be thrown away, it is the content that matters. We should not be carried away by natural things. If you are connected to God, there is excellence within you.

Gideon took a step of faith. If you give the spirit of excellence expression, men who have despised you will come and celebrate you.

Excellent marriage: If you give your time to your marriage,it will excel. You don’t go into a marriage thinking about what to get out of it…you give your all.

You need to align yourself with the principles of God if you want to excel in life. Prov 2 vs 5


You can succeed on natural laws but natural laws can fail. Supernatural laws never fails. “Job 32 vs 8”

Ecclesiastes 9 vs 11

How do I give excellence expression? By speaking mystery things. Excellence is a journey, it is not a destination.

Pay attention to whlat God is teaching you. Move from being local champion to international champion.

Joseph knew he was on a journey of excellence. He refused to succumb to temptation. Don’t take shortcuts

Whatever you do in love never fails.
Excellence begins with God. There is no excellence outside God.


OFFERING and TITHE “Pastor Leye Dada”



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