The name of Jesus, higher than other names! Your presence is Heaven to me. Ancient of Days we give you all the praise. You are the only living God. Yes, you are!

–  Oluwa iwo ni o ye, lati gba gbogbo ogo, Nitori ni iwo ni o da gbogbo…
–  Alpha, Omega You Are Worthy Of My Praises Today
–  When I Think Of Your Goodness and Your Faithfulness Each Day… Imela, Okaka
–  Alagbara L’olorun mi, to se leri to mu leri se (sax)
–  Kile o le se, Olorun mi, Kile o le se? Eyin ti e da aiye ati Orun, kile o le se?
–  Jehovah, You Are The Most High God.
–  O come Let Us Adore Him, O Come let us adore Him, He is Christ The Lord.
–  I will bow down… I take pleasure in worshipping you Lord
–  Halleluyah, Halleluyah….Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit
–  Spirit Of The Living God Fall Afresh On Me


It’s All About Jesus, Not about your faith
There are too many humanistic materials circulating on the pulpit that takes people away from Jesus. When you make Jesus your focus, faith rises. So, focus on Jesus, not your faith.
The Healer is here, The Cleanser is here, the Surgeon is here and the Restorer is here. Let every demon run out as we magnify Jesus.


(1) Healing is an established fact. Healing is not what God will perform. It is what God has performed through the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2: 24 “ By Whose Stripes You Were Healed”

(2) God’s power covers all conditions and He healed them all. He is the greatest physician. Irrespective of your condition, you are covered. It doesn’t matter for how long the condition has existed, He Will not only heal but restore all that is lost. (Woman with issue of blood). God’s way of restoring is not just bringing you back, He makes up for all the arrears. God is a restorer of dignity. He restored all Joseph’s arrears. He is a compassionate God

(3) You are not healed because you deserve it. People that got it in the days of Jesus did not get it because they deserved it. It is because they came humbly. Some Christians have a sense of entitlement. They leave church because they feel they are not appreciated. We should get rid of that. Grace is unmerited favour, the moment you begin to have a mind-set of merit, you lose out on God’s best.

(4) The best of your performance does not measure to God’s standards. When you cried out to favour and mercy, you will never be denied. Case-in-point — (blind Bartimeus). There is faith on auto-pilot when you make it all about Jesus. Faith comes naturally when you make it all about Jesus. Revelation of Jesus makes faith come. Faith comes by hearing and hearing about Jesus


(5) Satan is the Afflicter, while Jesus Is the Sole Healer. Satan is the thief, Jesus is the restorer. (The thief comes to steal but I have come to give life). Christians need to be conscious that demons are real. Devil is behind all divorces. He is behind some Christians getting fed up with their churches and leave. You don’t reject your parents no matter how bad they are, why reject your church? It is the handwork of the devil. Whenever the devil sees something good, he messes it up.

(6) Jesus Already Possesses All Authorities over Demons and He shares it with us. (All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me). He has authority to heal. As Christians, we need to develop a high sense of authority (HSA). People with HSA rest well

(7) Your Healing Can Either Be Instant Or Progressive. Rather than waiting, snatch it!

DECLARATRION BY DR. KAY — Six months of miracles (A Deal). See you at Grace Culture Season 4


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