07:00 – 08:00 ARRIVAL


08:25 –08:55 — PRAY WITH DR. KAY


08:55 – 09:20 — CALL TO WORSHIP

“Jesu Ja seke seke mi….”

“Mo Rire Mo Rire Gba o…. (2ce)”

“My Redeemer live …(2ce)”

“Be lifted high (2ce), Oh Lord be lifted high….”

You have done what no man have done

You will do what no man can do……”



– He admonishes the church on the essence of the theme of the day’s service which is THANKSGIVING and declares a season of new liberty, peace regardless of the situation. Church gives God the loudest shout of praise!!!!!

28 03 2017 1-2109


John 1:1 – 4. No Word no foundation! You need a Word for whatever you are believing God for. Man shall live by the Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

– Sword of the Spirit Eph. 6:17. (The Word of God). The Word of Faith Romans 10:8.
– The Perfect law of Liberty James 1:25.
– The Incorruptible Seed 1 Peter 1:23.
– The Prevailing Word Act 19:20.

For full message, click here

11:00 – 11:15 — ALTAR CALL & PRAYER

– Some congregants step forward to be prayed for.


The congregation joins Mr. & Mrs Wabara as they dedicated their baby. Also, birthday celebrants and wedding anniversary celebrants danced to the alter.



– Friends and Family Fiesta – Good Friday – 14th April, 2017.
– Annual Women Convention Friday 26th to Sunday 28th April, 2017.
– SimpliMichael’s video shoot scheduled to take place in church auditorium today from 2 p.m.
– It’s Cross over week. We are praying and fasting from Thursday, 30th March till Sunday, 2nd April, 2017. Get ready to birth God’s direction for you in quarter 2, 2017!
– Cross over service takes place Friday, 31st March at 10pm (a vigil).

Pastor Oyinda — Tithes & Offering:

Guest Welcome & Housekeeping.
Visitors were specially recognized for choosing to worship at KingsWord. In addition, individuals who are returning to worship in church were also recognized.


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