8: 00 – Arrival

8: 30 – PrayWithDrKay

09:00 – Call to Worship- HOP

Song: You alone are worthy, Lord you are worthy of our Praise.For you reign on high….Precious Jesus
Song that I sing, Air that I breathe

09:05- Praise and Worship- HOP

Everything written about you is great!
You get the glory, You get the praise, You take the honour…I’ve come to say THANK YOU


09:20 – Devotional and Confession- Pastor Joshua
Galatians 5:13
The Greatest of all is the servant of all

18 JUNE 2017-49

09:25 – Prayer At the Altar – Pastor Tunde Akinyemi

09:35 – Father’s day Presentation
Drama presentation examines the different.

09:50 – Worship Encounter- HOP
Title: A Tale of Two Fathers: Adam and Abraham — Genesis 1: 26-28, Genesis 12: 1-4
The word father means founder, originator, creator, source (Genesis 1:1 ).
God is the original father.

Adam was the first father. He was the first template of man. Satan messed Adam and Eve up
Romans 5: 12 Once Satan corrupted Adam, He corrupts us!

Pastor Tunde Akinyemi – If you are in Christ, your template is Abrahamic. If not let, you are in Adam’s template. Good news is that you can change your template

Pastor Tunde Akinyemi – Stewardship comes with instructions! Adamic men don’t keep God’s commandments. They like giving excuses! Adamic men don’t serve God or don’t serve God in the way that pleases Him but Abrahamic men serve God.

10:50 – Altar Call and Prayers – Pastor Tunde Akinyemi

11:00 – Father’s day Presentation Part 2


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